­Morcheeba due in Moscow

A Brit band that has been out of reach for a while brings its new album to Moscow along with older hits. Trip-hop legends Morcheeba, who last year got their charismatic front lady Skye Edwards back, will perform live at Arena Club on Wednesday night.

The band that emerged to fame in the 1990s alongside Massive Attack, Portishead and Faithless chose a livelier path in music, not going too deep into negativity and darkness, but producing a soulful and sometimes even pop sound. The band successfully merged trip-hop with rock, pop and RnB, have produced six albums since 1995, two of which were certified gold and one platinum. However, soon after the band members’ paths parted with vocalist Skye Edwards, their popularity suffered a major drop.

The latest offering Blood Like Lemonade, released after a seven-year break and marking the return of Skye, became a big happening for the band’s fans worldwide. Yet this recording left a feeling that these seven years had never passed, as the new material sounded pretty much like the old songs.

The reunited Morcheeba visited the Russian capital last year with a gig featuring compositions from their last recording. Skye Edwards has performed in Moscow solo within a summer festival at the capital’s Hermitage Garden in 2009. Over her solo career she released two albums, Mind How You Go and Keeping Secrets, both of which were warmly received by audiences.

The Moscow concert program will feature new tracks along with the earlier hits. The previous Moscow gig of the reunited band proved that Skye has nothing against singing songs that the founders of the band, Godfrey brothers, recorded in her absence.

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