­Russians want Delight from McCartney

Anticipating Sir Paul McCartney’s gig in the Russian capital, fans of the ex- Beatle addressed the singer through a fan website with a request to include the rather unpopular Monkberry Moon Delight song into the show program.

The address published on Beatles.ru says the choice was made according to polls held on this site and on social networks. It looks like this track from the Ram album by Paul and Linda McCartney, released in 1971, really has something that turns Russians on.

However the authors of the request believe that their choice may surprise the singer. Monkberry Moon Delight is definitely not among the golden hits produced by McCartney and has seldom been heard at concerts.  

“In the 1970s, Monkberry Moon Delight, illegally released on vinyl and heard thousands of times on tape, actually became your first solo hit in the USSR, and yet hasn’t lost this status,” the fans’ message says.

People were offered to choose one song out of 40 compositions, which are not listed for McCartney’s On the Run tour.

To find out whether the ex- Beatle approved of the people’s choice and gave them what they wanted, visit Paul McCartney’s show at Olympiisky Arena on December 14.

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