‘Americans are more interested in TV than movies’ – actor

Popular US actor Zachary Quinto has come to Moscow to present the movie he stars in. RT talked to the actor about the difference between the Russian and US series markets.

‘Margin Call’ is a drama inspired by the financial crisis. The story revolves around several key people at an investment bank. Oscar-winning actors Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons feature alongside up-and-coming stars from TV series.

Quinto himself is best known for the role of a killer with superhuman abilities from the American science fiction TV series “Heroes.”

The actor told RT he was surprised to find that in Russia series actors are generally perceived as unable to perform in the movies.

“A series is a sort of gateway into other opportunities,” Quinto told RT. “There are a lot of innovative stories being told on TV that are told in films, so in the US many people feel there is more interesting stuff on TV than in movies.”

Despite the misunderstandings, the actor said he greatly enjoyed his Moscow stay.

“I would love to spend some more time in Moscow,” Quinto said. “It’s been great – people are really welcoming. I’ve enjoyed spending my time here so far, and I want to see other parts of Russia too.”

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