‘Exorcist’ Doctor Sent to Asylum for Injuring Toddler

A children’s doctor in Russia’s Sverdlovsk Region was committed to an asylum for injuring a three-year-old patient in a crazed attempt to exorcise “demons,” Novy Region news agency reported on Wednesday.

The 26-year old pediatrician made a house call to examine a three-year-old boy suffering from a fever and cough, Novy Region said. During the examination the doctor, who according to the boy’s mother “has always been slightly odd,” asked the child to open his mouth and started manipulating his throat.

“My son started crying and resisting,” the boy’s mother said on the web site for young parents. “My husband suggested calling an ambulance, but the doctor said he would handle it himself and stuck his hand into my son’s mouth.”

The boy turned blue, stopped breathing and lost consciousness, his mother said. “But the doctor tried to apply pressure to the boy’s mouth again, saying ‘he’s got demons inside of him, I’ll catch them.’”

The “exorcist” doctor was detained and sent for psychiatric checks, local police chief Konstantin Petrosyan told the news agency.

According to the police, the pediatrician had suffered a nervous breakdown.

“My son regained consciousness, but his throat is swollen with tonsillitis,” the boy’s mother said on the web site.

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