‘Obama is about to create anti-jobs’

The jobs to be created under Obama’s Jobs Act will not contribute to the American economy but will essentially freeload on the troubled US economy, argues economist Lew Rockwell.

­“There are two sorts of jobs. There are real jobs in the private sector, where people actually do work that benefits society, when people are going to buy their products and improve the economy, and there are parasitical jobs, sort of anti-jobs, the government jobs, that actually subtract from social well-being,” claims Rockwell.

Obama’s employment crisis remedy resembles the one promoted by Franklin D. Roosevelt, which proved to be ineffective until WWII came to help the US out of the Great Depression.

“We have too much presidency worship in this country. There is too much emphasis on the president, and for that matter too much emphasis on the government,” he says. “We do not want them to unite because when they unite they do evil: they increase themselves and rip off the average guy.”

Americans would rather like the government to get out of the way, to have fewer regulations and taxes, while having less predatory governmental employees who are used to threaten citizens with violence every time.

“If you have been in Washington recently, they live very well in the imperial capital,” concludes Rockwell.

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