‘US administration declared war on its people’

The US spy drones have been used to fight the War on Terror worldwide. But new reports have surfaced suggesting they are being used against American citizens too.

­A family in North Dakota was arrested with the help of a drone, after a dispute over some missing cows.

The US radio host Alex Jones says the government is becoming the real enemy of the people.

He claims the US is setting up a system where its military-industrial complex is used against its own people.

He recalls that multi-million dollar drones are used to kill people worldwide. And the US even adopted a legislation that backs up their use – it is the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, the US federal law that enables America to drop bombs from drones on people everywhere in the world.

To Alex Jones, this law appears to be a declaration of war on its own people, because the act makes possible things that were previously unthinkable.

“It isn’t a police state. It’s beyond a police state. It is something like North Korea,” Jones says.

The radio host claims he has attended drills where police were training to confiscate firearms and arrest political dissidents.

“Hitler said he did everything he did to keep people safe. Fidel Castro does that. Pol Pot did that. In every case tyrants always claim it is to keep you safe,” says Jones.

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