100 workers of meat-packing plant sick with intestinal infection

SARATOV, August 22 (Itar-Tass) —— The number of workers from the Saratov meat-packing plant that got infected with an acute intestinal infection went up from eight to 97 people. The infection outbreak was reported on August 18.

All infected workers received medical aid, a source in the regional health ministry said on Monday. Nine people are undergoing treatment at the hospital. Doctors said they are in satisfactory condition. Other infected people are being cured at outpatient clinics.

The medics put the situation under control. The doctors from the city hospitals and outpatient clinics go to the meat-packing plant for medical examinations. The medical examinations continue round-the-clock since August 20. About 600 people are expected to undergo medical examinations on Monday.

Some 34 beds are vacant for the infected patients at two hospitals in Saratov, the source said. The hospitals have full medical supplies. Another 70 beds may be provided.

The food was preliminarily reported to cause a major outbreak of the intestinal infection. All infected people had meals at the canteen of the meat-packing plant. The inspection, which the regional branch of the Russian consumer rights watchdog had made, exposed blatant technological and sanitary-hygiene violations. The Russian consumer rights watchdog filed pleas against the meat-packing plant, its executive director, the canteen director and a local doctor. The case is pending trial.


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