116-year-old man came to a polling station in Ingushetia, Russia

A 116-year-old man came to a polling station in Ingushetia, a small republic in Russia’s North Caucasus, to cast his vote in the presidential elections, Muslim Albogachiyev, a member of the republican election commission, said on Sunday.

“Iliyev, Appas Lorsovich, born in 1896, came to polling station No. 6 in the village of Guli,” Albogachiyev said.

The elderly and sick have the right to vote at home if they invite a member of the local election commission beforehand. However, retirees are usually the first ones to arrive at polling stations when they open at 8.00 a.m.

Albogachiyev said no incidents or breaches of the electoral legislation had been registered by the election commission of the republic.

Russians are voting on Sunday to elect a president for the fifth time in the nation’s post-Soviet history. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin faces four opponents, none of which, analysts say, are likely to prove a serious threat to his bid.

Putin was president from 2000 to 2008 but was forced to step down by the Constitution, which limits presidency to two “consecutive” terms.


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