143 turn to doctors for help in Chelyabinsk after bromine leak

CHELYABINSK, September 1 (Itar-Tass) —— A total of 143 people turned to doctors for help in Chelyabinsk after a leak of liquid bromine from a train car at a local station.

“According to some data, hospitals in Chelyabinsk have provided assistance to 143 patients, who complained they were unwell after the incident at the Chelyabinsk station, and 38 people were hospitalized,” the city’s health administration told Itar-Tass.

Most of the victims, including some employees of the South Urals Railway, asked the city’s hospital for assistance. It is located near the scene of the accident. Some were admitted to the toxicological department of the ambulance hospital, the hospital of the regional police department and other city hospitals. Among the affected there were two employoees of the regional emergency situations department, who had participated in efforts to deal with the incident.

“The condition of all those hospitalized is mild. Most people complain of cough, pain in the eyes, watery eyes, and allergic reactions,” said the health department.

The bromine leak was discovered at 02:20 Moscow time on September 1 in one of the trains at the Chelyabinsk station. The car was promptly removed from the station to a special site and cordoned off. At 10:56 Moscow time the localization of the incident was declared and at 12:08 Moscow time it was completely eliminated.

Environmental monitoring is being conducted at the station and the route of the car, as well as in the Leninsky district and the town of Kopeisk. No dangerous concentrations were identified.

“According to latest information the unpleasant odor that may be felt in areas close to the train station is hardly noticeable. There is no threat to life and health,” the city authorities said.


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