16 NATO members take part in Libya action

NATO has announced on its Web site that sixteen out of its 28 members were taking part in the mission enforcing a UN resolution on Libya, which foresees a no-fly zone, a naval arms embargo and air strikes to protect civilians from attack.

Albania, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia were exposed as the countries not contributing to the military effort.

NATO did not release information on third countries taking part in the operation. Sweden, Qatar and the UAE have confirmed separately that they are involved.

NATO indicated that the US, France, Britain and Italy were the largest contributors to the ‘Unified Protector’ mission.

The full list of contributions was listed as follows:

Belgium: six fighter jets

Britain: 17 jets and two vessels

Bulgaria: one vessel

Canada: 11 jets and one vessel

Denmark: four jets

France: 33 jets and one vessel

Greece: two jets and one vessel

Italy: 16 jets and four vessels

Netherlands: seven jets and one vessel

Norway: six jets

Romania: one vessel

Spain: six jets and two vessels

Turkey: seven jets and six vessels

US: 90 jets and one vessel


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