40-carat dinner for diamond-loving dog

Contrary to popular belief, girls aren’t the only ones who have a soft spot for diamonds. A dog belonging to the owner of a jewelry shop in the US has unwittingly devoured a $10,000 meal of the scrummy sparklers.

The owners of a jewelry store in Georgia were shocked to discover that their beloved family pet – a friendly dog named Honey Bun – is actually a big sucker for everything that glitters.

The curious incident happened when the shop’s co-owner, Chuck Roberts, left his office to help a customer, leaving some pieces of jewelry on the table. The jewels were all locked in a pouch, so Roberts did not worry much about them.

After returning to his office, the jeweler found nothing but an empty package. Utterly surprised, Roberts was racking his brains trying to figure out how anyone could have entered the room unnoticed. Then he noticed his dog was capering merrily in circles around the office, wiggling its tail and barking happily.

Hoping against hope, Roberts drove the hapless hound to the hospital. The crazy guess turned out to be just right: the dog’s X-rays clearly showed the back of an earring and two spots resembling the lost diamonds.

Patience and a strong stomach were all it took to retrieve the diamonds, reports the US media.

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