80 percent of Americans are angry at the government

Here’s some breaking news: Americans are angry at the government! A new poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post reveal that dissatisfaction with the US political system is at its highest in nearly 20 years.

The results of the poll reflect that the last time frustrations amounted to this level was in 1992 during an economic downturn that plagued the end of President George H.W. Bush’s first and only presidency. Now 19 years later, American opposition to Washington is at a nearly two decade high.

When polled on their thoughts regarding the federal government, 80 percent of those surveyed told researchers that they were either dissatisfied or even angry with the current state of government. This statistic marks an increase in 11 points from a month earlier, suggesting that the debt ceiling drama dominating both Capitol Hill and the White House is to blame for the sentiment. Despite weeks of attempted negations, Congress has yet to settle a way to deal with the debt limit crisis as the country gets closer and closer to the August 2 deadline imposed by the Treasury.

This week’s poll also reveals that, though President Obama’s approval rating in regards to handling the economy is at its lowest ever, congressional Republicans are only seeing an endorsement of 28 percent of the country. Both Obama and the GOP are also scorned particularly for their inability to handle the deficit and US taxes.

American angst is nearly double what it was in the year 2000. Since frustrations were last this high back in 1992, the US has witnessed the September 11 terrorist attacks, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, Bill Clinton’s sex scandals, the FBI firebombing of the Branch Davidian compound and eight glorious years of the George W Bush administration.

Good going, federal government!

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