A Fragile Beauty

A Fragile Beauty

Published: September 5, 2012 (Issue # 1725)

The breathtaking Altai region is the subject of a new photo exhibit at St. Petersburg’s House of Nationalities.

“The Melting Beauty of Altai” exhibit consists of more than 30 images captured by art photographers depicting the natural reserves, life and beauty of the centuries-old, majestic yet fragile world of the Altai republic in south-central Siberia. Its main message is the importance of human respect for nature, the conservation of natural resources, man’s responsibility and the prevention of adverse effects caused by the development of modern civilization.

All of the images on show illustrate the connection between natural ecosystems and the devastating results of human interference with the environment.

The exhibit opened as part of the “Alluring World. Ethnic Russia” folk festival that was held in St. Petersburg last week. The festival saw nomadic indigenous minorities from all over Russia, ranging from Yamal to Kamchatka, gather in the city. Ten nationalities of the Russian North were represented: Itelmen, Nenets, Sami, Chukchi, Eskimo, Even, Evenk, Koryak, Altai and Kumandinian, who all contributed to a varied program of rare music and dance ensembles.

“This traveling festival is not just a display of the work of individual folk groups, but also a display of great union,” said Alla Dydymova, director of the House of Nationalities in St. Petersburg.

“The Melting Beauty of Altai” runs through Sept. 30 at the House of Nationalities, 15A Mokhovaya Ulitsa. Tel. 579 0009.www.spbdn.ru. Admission is free.

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