Abramovich and Berezovsky’s cars get parking tickets outside high court

Parking wardens have handed tickets to drivers ferrying Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky to and from the high court after limousines were spotted waiting on single yellow lines.

Berezovsky is suing the owner of Chelsea Football Club for more than $5bn (£3.2bn). He claims that Abramovich “betrayed” him after Berezovsky fell out with the Kremlin and fled to Britain in 2000, forcing him to sell his share in the Russian oil company Sibneft for a knockdown price.

Council civil enforcement officers swooped on Abramovich’s silver Mercedes people carrier and Berezovsky’s black Maybach in a side street outside the court building in central London.

Wardens from the City of London wrote out tickets and photographed the vehicles after the hearing concluded on Tuesday.

Drivers are allowed to load and unload and pick up or drop off on a single yellow line – but not wait. Motorists who breach the rule in central London face a fine of at least £65.

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