Abramovich Holds 25% Stake in Russian Major Registry Player

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich holds a 25 percent stake in securities registry services player, Rost, the company said on Friday.

Rost identified Abramovich and people affiliated with him in a report about its shareholders. The report also included Abramovich’s deputy in Millhouse asset management, Andrei Gorodilov, as a 25 percent stakeholder, with Irina Panchenko, a former local parliament member in the Chukotka autonomous region in Russia’s Far East where Abramovich was governor from 2001 to 2008, having 24 percent.

Another former local official in the Chukotka region, Mikhail Livergand, holds a 23 percent stake in the company.

Rost has the widest spread of registry offices in Russia, with about 35 offices in larger Russian cities. The company, which provides a full range of accounting, storage, re-registration and shareholder rights functions, services over 3,600 firms and about 6.5 million securities holders.


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