After being called a sex symbol you are only going downhill – Hugh Jackman

Female Muscovites rejoiced as famous actor Hugh Jackman arrived in the Russian capital to present his new movie “Real Steel.” RT could not miss the chance to meet the X-Man star in person.

Hugh Jackman is not a newcomer to the Russian capital, but this time he made a traditional tour around Red Square, Lenin’s Tomb and Moscow’s other tourist attractions.

“I like to see different things, and I would have seen more, but this time I was with my family – my wife and two children – who have never been here before,” Jackman told RT. “We went to Lenin’s Tomb, which was very moving. We went down to the underground station – it was very beautiful. My kids went to the Moscow Circus, but I missed that as I was working.”

Although many foreigners see the Russian capital as a gloomy, grey and snowy place, the actor said he adores all of Moscow’s many faces.

“Obviously, there is energy in this city,” Jackman said. “It is very vibrant. It reminds me of New York and of Shanghai. When you’re in cities like that, the weather doesn’t matter.”

Real Steel, the movie Jackman came to promote, has been called “too aggressive” for kids, but the actor does not agree.

“My daughter, who is six, my son, who is eleven, my wife and my mother- in-law, they all loved it. This movie reminds me of Steven Spielberg’s ET. I remember seeing my father crying during this movie. I loved it, he loved it. That’s the experience of Real Steel. There’s a lot of fighting mainly between robots, but kids are not disturbed by that, they are caught up, even my daughter. That’s what I like.”

When asked about the title of “the sexiest actor in the world,” Jackman could not help laughing.

“It’s a burden,” he smiles. “It seems hilarious to me. It was two or three years back and the problem is that after that I had to kind of retire, because it’s all downhill from here. And then the only comment is, ‘What? Him?!’”

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