‘Against all’ vote could return to Russian ballots

Russians may once again have the option of voting “against all” when the Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, considers a draft bill on reinstating it.

Former Federation Council speaker Sergey Mironov, who currently heads the State Duma faction of the A Just Russia party, and party chairman Nikolay Levichyov, introduced a bill on Wednesday to Russia’s State Duma restoring the “against all” option in ballot papers.

The “against all” option was taken off ballots in 2006. Mironov and Levichyov claim the number of those bothering to vote has declined in response.

The lack of an “against all” option reduces the level of democracy, legitimacy of those elected and limits the voting rights of citizens, A Just Russia said.

Recent opinion polls in Russia have shown that large sections of the population have no interest in politics.

Russia will hold Duma elections in December and presidential elections will be held in March 2012.

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