Alex Jones on London riots as a pretext for an attack on the Internet

Across the pond, British police are cracking down on users of social media for allegedly encouraging mass uprising during a time ripe with riots.

One message on Facebook even got two Brits four years behind bars recently for what they say was just a drunk joke. What does this crackdown mean to the rest of the world though?

According to radio host Alex Jones, police at The Met have started going after social media users so that “they can now come down and crack down on free speech across the board.” He says that they are using examples of violent crimes allegedly perpetrated by hooligans to help label all political demonstrations, no matter how peaceful, as violent.

“The west is getting the public ready to demonize real political demonstrations against austerity,” he says. “They are getting us ready for the economic collapse to basically brand all protests . . . hooliganism or some type of crime.”

That way, says Jones, the public will stand down in fear when the time to riot in America actually comes around.

Jones adds that the police in the UK are finding an easy target by going after “people who steal ice cream and bottled water” instead of tackling the real rioters that are out there causing real crime. “This is a type of false flag even that we’re seeing,” says Jones, and he says it is only a matter of time before it is widespread in America.

What is happening, says Jones, “is an elaborate psychological warfare operation” that will prove to be damaging to both the Internet and free speech as we know it.

Jones reminds RT that the US was quick to attack Hosni Mubarak for implementing an Internet blackout during rising protests, “but now if you even talk about a peaceful demonstration in the US, cell phones are cut off for everybody.”

“This whole thing is very, very serious and we see the Internet kill-switch more and more being rolled out,” says Jones. And in charge of it, he says, are the Department of Defense and their researchers at DARPA.

“It’s going to be used all over the western world as a pretext to even shut down mild political speech,” says Jones, and he believes that this squashing of civil rights is happening only because “the police stood down and didn’t nip these riots in the bud from the very beginning.”

And unless the people stand up, Jones says that this is “the beginning of the end of the Internet and freedom of speech as we know it.”

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