Alex Jones puts Masons behind Norway tragedy

Was there a broader message behind the terror attacks carried out in Oslo last week by Anders Behring Breivik?

Radio host Alex Jones says that Friday’s massacre could be the start of World War 3, and that Breivik’s ties to Masonry is nothing to shrug off — especially since that collective predicted the last two world wars.

“Albert Pike, supreme commander of all global masonry, in 1877 wrote that they would have three world wars,” says Jones. The first two predictions panned out according to Pike’s hypothesis, and the third one, says Jones, “would be Christendom against Islam . . . invoked by their Masonic operatives” and in this battle “they would destroy every existing order and even the finance capitalists, and set themselves up as world rulers in the worship of the true one God, in their words: Lucifer.”

According to Jones, private intelligence agencies and government groups attempt to infiltrate the Masonic system in order to perpetuate an agenda behind closed doors. Using the elusive facade of a secret society, Jones says that Breivik’s outburst was orchestrated in an attempt to start what could become a global disaster.

“Whether he is a mind control patsy or believes he is acting as part of this Illuminati.”

Jones says that Breivik is being used as a tool of an international collective to invoke a “clash of civilizations.”

Jones adds that as the media builds up the tale of Breivik, lone wolf terrorists will follow in his footsteps to carry out a message that can’t be traced to any public records. And with his manifesto already circulating internationally and eye-witnesses saying other shooters were involved in Oslo, the conspiracy is only about to get bigger and the end result might just be another world war.

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