Alex Jones: ‘The UN is hopelessly corrupt’

As the United Nations’ General Assembly meets for their sixty-sixth annual meeting this week, people across the globe reflect on what has come as a result of the UN and what its future holds.

To radio host Alex Jones, the impact of the UN has been nothing but disastrous.

Jones told RT that the purpose of the UN has since become a way of influencing power over the participating nations, not by letting them have their own say. “Get all the world leaders in one place so they can get the IMF and World Bank to come in and attempt to buy them off,” is how Jones views the meetings of the General Assembly.

As world leaders meet to evaluate the recognition of Palestine’s statehood in the eyes of the UN, Jones said that those talks in the General Assembly are becoming ceremonial and “basically nothing but an arena for these fake debates.” While many countries are in favor of Palestine’s bid, Jones said that western leaders like the US, Israel and England attempt to reduce the power of the UN as a whole and enforce their own ideals. And if the US has its way — which they almost always do — Palestine will not join the ranks of dozens of other nations.

What the UN is becoming, said Jones, is a pure government run by finance oligarchs. He added that the UN isn’t even necessary anymore — that economic warfare can take care of that on its own.

Should the UN be restructured then? “At the end of the day it doesn’t matter,” said Jones. The UN, he said, is “hopelessly corrupt.” He claimed that the UN’s recent “peace keeping” missions on the Ivory Coast of Africa were rather an excuse for the United Nations to rape and kill, and along with NATO they have sent operatives to ravage parts of the world. Jones said it is a “criminal organization rotten from the head to the tail” and needs to be abolished.

“It’s just a distraction from the economic implosion being engineered over in the west,” he added.

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