Ambassadors of 10 countries to present credentials to Medvedev.

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MOSCOW, July 14 (Itar-Tass) — The ambassadors of ten countries, including Japan and the Holy See, who begin their diplomatic work in this position in Russia, will present their credentials Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday. The solemn ceremony, already the second this year, is traditionally held in the Kremlin.

Among the guests invited to the main residence of the Russian head of state are the new heads of diplomatic missions of Ethiopia – Kasahun Dender Melese, Burundi – Guillaume Ruzoviyo, Zimbabwe – Bonifes Guva Britto Chidyausiku, Japan – Chikahito Harada, Argentina – Juan Carlos Kreckler, India – Ajay Malhotra, Equatorial Guinea – Filiberto Ntutumu Nguema, Vietnam – Pham Xuan Son, El Salvador – Anita Christina Asher Echeverria, as well as Nuncio of the Holy See to Russia – Ivan Jurkovic.

The presentation of credentials symbolizes the official launch of work of the new heads of diplomatic missions in the country. The ceremony, by tradition, will begin at 13:00 Moscow time at the St. Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. At the appointed hour the ambassadors arrive at the Kremlin and proceed to the hall.

According to the Protocol, the Russian president is accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and foreign policy adviser. In turn, according to the beginning of the ambassador’s work in Moscow, the name of the diplomat is announced: each of them comes up to the president and hands him the credentials – a message from the head of state with a request to “trust” his representative.

The Russian leader then addresses the diplomats with a brief greeting, which usually touches upon matters of Russia’s cooperation with the countries the representatives of which are invited to the Kremlin, as well as the most urgent issues of international politics.

After the ceremony champagne and soft drinks are usually served in the hall for the representatives of Muslim countries, and the president talks to the guests, giving everyone a few minutes.

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