America rises to battle fat cats

As the Occupy Wall Street movement grows in America, campaigners are getting the idea that they are battling the wealthy minority of their own population that has adjusted the country’s legislation to their own benefit, neglecting the sum of things.

­RT’s Lori Harfenist found out on the streets of New York that the “Occupy Wall Street” protests have been inspired by “the failure of the system to respond to higher calling for our country.”

They believe that the anti-Wall Street protests which have been going on for a couple of weeks are just a genesis of bigger movements that would eventually bring results.

They told RT that Americans should not be subjected to a “one per cent of the one per cent” bad guys making over $5 million dollars a year.

Protestors insist that “35 per cent of our wealth is owned by one per cent of the population and if you are going to be that wealthy you should pay a tax to be that wealthy,” which means a tax on the wealthy would only be fair.

People on the streets believe that their struggle will not be in vain and recall social protests of the 1960s, which led to “all kinds of governmental programs to help people out.”

“There is a large amount of discontentment with what is going on in this country” and “rallying will only draw people into the movement” they say.

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