Americans disagree on US involvement in Libya

As coalition forces continue airstrikes in Libya, Americans react to the US’s involvement right from the heart of Washington DC.

I think we should not be there, I think it’s an invasion of that country’s right to self-rule,” said one resident. “I think that’s it’s really sad that Congress gave themselves a weekend off so that the president could go ahead and declare this war, which he’s not allowed to by the Constitution.”

They’re bombing whatever the Commander-in-Chief tells them to. I know what they’re doing and I’m in favor of whatever the Commander-in-Chief has made his decision to do,” said one tourist from Missouri.

It’s good to help your neighbor, but you got so many issues here at home, our youth are out of control, there’s homelessness, we could really spend a lot of our time trying to fix what’s wrong here,” said another DC resident.

A Barack Obama impersonator snapping photos in front of the White House even weighed in with his “presidential” opinion.

“[We are in Libya] because Gaddafi is a very bad man,” he said. “Step by step. Step by step. We cannot overextend ourselves, but we have to make sure democracy is being practiced and utilized.”

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