Americans Now See Russia as Enemy No.1

Gallup poll reveals more Americans see Russia as biggest enemy than any other country

This article originally appeared at Dispatch News Desk

Americans consider Russia as greatest enemy, says, Gallup International poll that was conducted between 8 to 11 February 2015. Moreover, nearly half of Americans see Russian military power as threat to U.S.

According to latest Gallup International poll, North Korea is no more considered as greatest threat to United States rather it is now Russia—a greatest threat to US people.

Two years ago, only 2% of Americans named Russia, but that increased to 9% in 2014 as tensions between Russia and the U.S. increased, and now sits at 18%.
As Russia has risen in the “enemy” rankings, the two countries that topped the list in theprevious three updates — China in 2014 and Iran in 2011 and 2012 — have slipped. Thepercentage mentioning China has dropped eight points over the past year, to 12%, and thepercentage mentioning Iran has fallen seven points to 9%.

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