Anti-Gaddafi coalition uses indiscriminate force

This country criticizes the anti-Gaddafi coalition for using indiscriminate force in its military assault on Libya.

    Diplomatic spokesman Alexander Lukashevich was speaking about this in Moscow Sunday after reports emerged of damage to civilian installations in coalition air raids on several Libyan cities. Coalition bombs and rockets destroyed roads, bridges and a heart clinic, leaving 65 civilians dead and over 150 injured.

     Mr Lukashevich called attention to the fact that the Libya resolution of the UN Security Council, although flawed, clearly demands that the coalition protect Libyan civilians, not kill them.

     There have been similar pronouncements from the government of India and from the Arab League. Both spoke about a worsening plight of the Libyan people. Arab League head Amr Moussa also said the coalition’s assault has nothing to do with enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya.

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