Arab Spring: Out with old, in with the…old?

The success of the Egyptian revolution inspired a wave of uprisings across the region, but as Egyptians once again take to the streets to demand change, some experts are skeptical about the results of the Arab Spring.

Author and political commentator Mark Glenn told RT that many Egyptians do not believe that any significant changes will take effect as a result of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“In general the system is going to remain the same. American foreign policy is going to remain the same. Israel’s foreign policy is going to remain the same,” he explained.

The journalist backs up his assertion by pointing to the fact that the first thing the new Egyptian government did after Mubarak’s removal was to ask the West for economic aid. “As soon as it did that it automatically surrendered itself and its ideals to Western interests.”

Glenn says that not only in Egypt, but in the entire region affected by the Arab Spring, people do not know what they want. “All they know is that they are unhappy with the status quo. But as far as actually being able to sit down and to formulate a plan as to how to bring these changes about, they are somewhat tied up in that regard.”

Glenn doubts that the Arab Spring will bring anything substantively different for the people in the region. “It is just going to be cosmetic,” he said.

“And sadly the loser in all this are going to be the people themselves who have literally paid for this revolution with their own blood,” Glenn concluded.

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