Are we there? Nyet! Russians stuck in traffic jam for two days

Thousands of lorries and cars have been stuck, some for more than two days, in a traffic jam dozens of miles long caused by heavy snow north-west of Moscow, Russian media have reported.

Police in the Tver region said field kitchens were operating on the road, but many drivers complained supplies never reached them and they were running out of fuel to keep their engines running and heating on in subzero temperatures.

“Drivers help one another and that’s it, the problems are on the side of the authorities. There are no fuel tankers, no water, nothing, we are just stuck here,” a truck driver told Rossiya 24 TV. Another man told the state broadcaster he had advanced less than a mile in 24 hours. Reports put the length of the jam at between 25 and 120 miles at different times. Police on Sunday evening said it was no more than 35 miles.

The M10 highway links Moscow with St Petersburg, 430 miles away, and continues to the border with Finland.

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