Art without color

Art without color

A new exhibit at the Rizzordi Art Foundation Loft consists exclusively of black and white art.

Published: November 30, 2011 (Issue # 1685)


Numen for Use’s ‘Light Membrane’ creates the illusion of infinite space.

Color is starkly absent from the “Expression Beyond” exhibit that opens Dec. 1 in an ex-factory building now used by the Rizzordi Art Foundation.

For the “Expression Beyond” project, the curators of the Rizzordi Art Foundation Loft exposition area, which recently opened on Kurlyandskaya Ulitsa in the former industrial area near the city’s port, have selected 10 artists from all over the world whose work is characterized by their use of black and white. The project program will also include interactive master classes with the artists and the broadcasting of black and white art house videos.


Alexei Kostroma’s ‘Knot.’

A wide array of unusual projects will be on display, including mirror cubes designed by Numen for Use (Croatia/Austria), portrait street-art graffiti paintings by Hendrik ECB Beikirch (Germany) and work by the photographer and video artist Elis Kampinski (Russia). Other projects include a study of traces of other civilizations in sculptures made of “meteorites” by Vitaly Pushnitsky and a project focusing on symbols and archetypes in the art of artist Ilya Gaponov (both from Russia).

The “Light Membrane” light installation by the Numen for Use art group looks set to attract the attention of visitors to the exhibit. The art group, which experiments with different ways of using space, will present the result of their experiment in the field of light perception and perspective in St. Petersburg. Three of six sides of the Light Membrane cube are made from a flexible material, and are bent into either a convex or concave form. The black cube is lit from within by light reflecting off of the cube’s planes, creating the illusion of infinite space.


The new loft exposition center.

Homegrown artists will represent both of Russia’s capitals at the exhibit, which features projects by Stas Dange and Natasha Floksy (St. Petersburg) and Alexei Kio and Gennady Beryozkin (Moscow). Their work makes up part of the core exposition, and will also serve as a topic of discussion during the interactive master classes. The artists will talk about the techniques used in developing the project and act as curators of the creative classes, where visitors themselves can create their own artwork.

The Loft Rizzordi Art Foundation exposition area has already hosted two projects: The street art festival “Cosmos as…” and the first night of “Total Contemporary,” which brought together elements from the collections of 11 galleries in one expo space.

“Expression Beyond” runs from Dec. 1 through Dec. 20 at the Loft Rizzordi Art Foundation, 49 Kurlyandskaya Ulitsa. M. Baltiiskaya, Narvskaya.

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