At least two dead, up to 26 injured in Moscow restaurant blast

At least two people have been killed as a result of an explosion in an Italian restaurant in south-west Moscow. Twenty six more have reportedly been injured. The blast damaged the roof and walls of the building and set it ablaze.

The Russian Emergency Ministry reports that gas canisters located in the restaurant’s kitchen exploded at around 3.30 PM Moscow time (11.30 AM GMT) on Monday. The blast blew out windows and caused the walls and roof to collapse. The kitchen area then caught fire. The blaze was initially contained within the kitchen, but quickly spread to cover 250 square meters. Firefighters were sent to the scene.

It is not yet clear exactly how many people were injured in the Italian restaurant, called “Elvidor”. A source in the Russian Interior Ministry says up to 16 people have been injured, included three children.

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