AvtoVAZ Recalls Lada Granta Cars Over Defect

MOSCOW, December 27 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s largest car maker AvtoVAZ is recalling over 45,000 new Lada Granta cars over a minor defect, the auto giant said on Thursday.

“Some cases have revealed a potential possibility of an airbag control unit failure. AvtoVAZ, which cares about motorists, deems it necessary to inspect Lada Granta Standard and Norma models produced between May 27 and September 30, 2012,” AvtoVAZ said in a statement.

The recalled cars will have their airbag control unit reprogrammed, the statement said.

AvtoVAZ launched its new passenger car, Lada Granta, in December last year.

Lada Granta is a new car based on the Lada Kalina platform and expected to replace AvtoVAZ’s classic Lada 2105/07 models. AvtoVAZ plans to produce over 100,000 low-cost Granta cars in 2012.

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