Baby food for Circle of Life

Pop stars are notorious for going to extremes when they go on tour. “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” for the majority of celebs!

­Some request Cristal champagne and rose petals, others want beer and girls delivered to their dressing rooms. But it’s a star in a million that asks for… baby food.

Pop icon Elton John has reportedly made such an unusual request ahead of his one-off live gig in Russia, entitled The Best.

John is said to have demanded special baby food, each bottle costing up to $280, to perform the role of his dreams  – that of the father.    

The indefatigable 64-year-old pop heavyweight is set to arrive in Moscow with his 10-month-old baby boy, who has been traveling with the singer across the world.

Red Square is scheduled to become cute Zachari’s next stop-over, after trips to Hawaii, Venice, St Tropez and Kiev.

The author of Original Sin has been to Moscow a number of times, however, according to the organizers of the upcoming concert, this time around the musician asked to step up security measures tenfold.

To avoid traffic, the British star has also demanded a helicopter to take him from airport to hotel. His dressing room has to be decorated entirely in purple and feature purple furniture as well as fresh violets and lavender.

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