Ban Ki-moon pledges to be ‘bridge-builder’ in new term

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, appointed on Tuesday for a second five-year term, pledged to work as a “harmonizer and bridge-builder” among all stakeholders to uphold the UN Charter and lead the international organization.

“To lead, we must deliver results. Mere statistics will not do,” Ban said as quoted on the UN website, adding that the United Nations needs decisive and concerted action.

“In economic hard times, we must stretch resources – do better with less,” he said.

Last week, the UN Security Council passed by a majority vote a resolution recommending Ban for a new term to head the United Nations.

Members of 192 nations of the UN General Assembly unanimously approved Ban Ki-moon for his second term as secretary general by applause and did not conduct an official vote count.

No other candidates were put forward for the high-ranking diplomatic position.

Ban’s current term officially expires on December 31, 2011.

A South Korean native, Ban, 67, studied international relations at the University of Seoul and then in Harvard. In 2003, he was a special presidential advisor of South Korea for diplomatic issues and then became foreign minister. In 2006, he was elected for his first term as the UN chief.

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