Barak, Knesset c'tee clash over IDF cancellations

Fayyad Plan ” was cancelled when Barak decided not to allow the officers to appear before the committee, MKs alleged.
MK Ze’ev Elkin called Barak’s decision “outrageous” and said it infringed on Knesset procedures.
In response, Barak issued a statement saying that the civilian leadership is supposed to protect the military ranks, and not to demand their appearance before the Knesset for political issues like the “Fayyad Plan.” He said that other officials, like the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, the director-general of the Defense Ministry or minister of homeland security should be invited for such discussions..
If needed, Barak added, he would be willing to appear in front of the Knesset himself in order to answer their political questions but…

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