Bear Attacks Girl in Private Zoo

A 12-year-old girl who was mauled by a bear at a private zoo in the Far Eastern Amur Region on Friday is now in intensive care at a local hospital after undergoing emergency surgery, said Denis Chernov, one of the attending doctors.

An Asian black bear at a private zoo in Blagoveshchensk attacked the girl when the she tried to give the animal a drink from a bottle.

“The operation, to treat a deep wound in the back of her head, lasted several hours,” Chernov said. “The girl is now in the intensive care ward where she is in critical condition,” the doctor added.

The general prosecutor’s office in Blagoveshchensk is investigating the incident.

It is the second time this year a child has been injured in an animal attack at a private zoo in Blagoveshchensk. In January a tiger at the Liger roadside zoo attacked a three-year-old boy. According to the investigation, a zoo official allowed the boy behind the barrier railing in front of the animal cages to pose for a picture, whereupon a tiger was able to grab at the boy, inflicting a severe head injury.


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