Bin Laden praises Arab revolutions from beyond grave

As-Sahab, al Qaeda’s media arm, has posted a posthumous audio recording from its late leader, Osama bin Laden, in which he praised the uprisings in Arab states, the U.S. monitoring group SITE Intelligence reported on Thursday.

Bin Laden was shot dead by U.S. Special Forces during a raid on his home in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad on May 2.

Bin Laden hailed efforts to overthrown Muslim leaders, calling on supporters to “set up an operations room that follows up events and works in parallel … to save the people that are struggling to bring down their tyrants.”

“I believe that the winds of change will envelope the entire Muslim world,” bin Laden said. “The youth must prepare what is necessary and must not make any decision without consulting those of experience and honesty who avoid half solutions.”

A wave of unrest, which has already toppled authoritarian regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, is sweeping through the Muslim world, stoking mass popular uprisings in Libya, Syria and Yemen.

MOSCOW, May 19 (RIA Novosti) 

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