Bittersweet fashion in Van Gogh’s colors

Russian fashion house Viva Vox, led by designer Oleg Ovsiev, has brought the spirit of summer to Moscow’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Blue and yellow dominate the trendsetting designer’s collection, making them next season’s must-have colors.

Viva Vox has been on the fashion market since 1997, rising step by step to the top of Russia’s fashion business. Oleg Ovsiev, the company’s lead designer, has been working to gradually move it to prêt-a-porter or ready-to-wear fashion. And he has succeeded. His rich and fruitful background helped Oleg breathe new life into the company and the Russian fashion industry as a whole.  

It looks like this time Oleg Ovsiev, who often displays monotone collections and adds simple details to his plain and yet stylish looks, has finally unleashed his colorful fantasy.

One might expect the colors bright blue and yellow to clash, or at least not go too well together. However, Oleg Ovsiev reaches pure harmony through this combination accompanied by traditional black and white.

Prints are featured in most looks, bringing to mind Van Gogh’s paintings, while the fabrics match the idea of a spring/summer collection perfectly. Silk, cotton and chiffon are used in men’s and woman’s models as well as bright floral prints.

Being bright and full of positive emotions, this collection still has the spirit of the fashion house which over the years has proved that style and grace are its trademark.

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