Bloggers to learn eco-journalism at EcoBlogia forum in Moscow

During the EcoBlogia forum in Moscow, journalists and bloggers will learn how to better contribute to solving environmental problems, a top Greenpeace Russia official said on Wednesday.

EcoBlogia, the first international forum of eco-bloggers and journalists, will take place in Moscow on April 18-19. The discussions will focus on the influence of media and blogging in solving environmental problems.

“The principal task here is to solve the problem, not just to make it public. And this is the aid that we, an environmental organization, receive from bloggers and journalists,” campaign director of Greenpeace Russia Ivan Blokov said.

The primary objective of the forum organized by RIA Novosti and the Ford Foundation’s International Fellowships Program in Russia is to form an international community of bloggers and journalists writing about environmental issues.

Among the partners of the event, intended to raise awareness of environmental issues around the world, are WWF Russia and the Russian Association of Eco-Journalists.



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