Boat Chef Detained After Frenzied Knife Attack

Boat Chef Detained After Frenzied Knife Attack

Published: August 1, 2012 (Issue # 1720)

A Nevsky district court ordered a former cook working on a river tour boat to be detained for attacking people with a knife near the city’s River Station, Interfax reported.

“While in detention the man said that he had a bag with explosives, which proved not to be true. Divers found his weapons at the bottom of the Neva River near the station,” the Northwest Transport Prosecution’s press service said.

The man is being charged with hooliganism.

The attacker rushed into a crowd of ship passengers with two knives while at least six ships were getting ready to depart on July 21. The man shouted, threatening people and wounding one of the passengers and a station security guard who tried to detain him. Another security guard injured the man with a rubber pellet gun.

The attacker managed to throw the knives into the Neva before police arrived.

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