Body fragments found at Far East cargo plane crash site

Body fragments have been recovered from the crash site of the An-12 cargo plane in Far East, transport investigators said on Monday.

The plane, flying from the city of Magadan to the Chukotka Autonomous Area in Russia’s extreme northeast, disappeared from radars on Tuesday some 300 km (186 miles) from its takeoff point. Shortly before, the crew reported a fuel leak and engine fire and requested emergency landing.

Investigators said that all people onboard the plane almost certainly died, but the nine crew members and two passengers are still officially listed as missing.

“Body fragments have been found on the site, but can be identified only by a DNA test,” a spokeswoman for the Far Eastern transport investigation department said.

Experts and forensics working at the scene have also collected some 35 kg of plane fragments which can be useful in establishing the cause of the crash.

The investigation team ended its work on site early on Monday and will soon return to Magadan.

The aircraft was used for 48 years and in-flight fuel explosion is seen as one of possible causes of the crash.

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