Born villain

Born villain

Industrial metal king Marilyn Manson returns to St. Petersburg.

Published: May 23, 2012 (Issue # 1709)


Marilyn Manson’s gig at Yubileiny Sports Stadium on Monday is part of a tour to promote the band’s 8th album.

Controversial U.S. rocker Marilyn Manson will take to the stage of the city’s Yubileiny stadium on Monday, May 28 as part of his eponymous group’s “Hey Cruel World” tour. The tour promotes the band’s eighth studio album, “Born Villain,” which was released earlier this month by Cooking Vinyl Records.

Although the band was formed more than twenty years ago, its music videos still resemble horror movies, the group’s provocative lyrics continue to shock audiences and its unique performances consistently attract fans from all over the world.

The band’s lead singer (born Brian Hugh Warner) created his pseudonym by combining the names of iconic female sex symbol Marilyn Monroe and the infamous mass murderer Charles Manson. As his career progressed, Marilyn Manson achieved rock star status, lauded by some for supposedly exposing the vulgarity of modern society while slammed by others for allegedly promoting drugs, sex and violence.

Manson’s worldwide fame is due not only to his controversial image, but also to creative achievements recognized by a variety of prestigious awards such as the MTV Video Music Award, Billboard Video Music Award, Grammy Award and many others.

Throughout its existence, the band has worked on the soundtracks of a number of movies including “The Matrix,” “Lost Highway” and “Resident Evil.” Two of the group’s studio albums made the list of the 100 greatest rock albums of all time compiled by Classic Rock magazine.

At the local concert, which is to take place two days before Manson performs in Moscow, fans will have the chance to hear the cult musician’s new songs as well as some of his classic hits.

This will be Manson’s sixth visit to Russia.

Marilyn Manson will perform on May 28 at the Yubileiny Sports Stadium at 18 Prospekt Dobrolyubova. M. Sportivnaya. Tel. 498 6033.

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