Bradley Manning: Cruel and unusual punishment?

P.J. Crowley resigned his post as State Department spokesman after he came under fire for his controversial comments regarding Pfc. Bradley Manning’s treatment at the hands of the Pentagon.

Speaking at a seminar at MIT last week, Crowley described the treatment of alleged WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning at Quantico as “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.”

Manning has been in the spotlight recently as numerous reports have circulated claiming that Manning is being held in solitary confinement, forced to strip naked every night, and deprived of sleep. While the Pentagon argues that these measures are appropriate and necessary, others argue that these conditions are uncalled for.

If he is guilty he’ll serve the time that he needs to serve and that’s how it should be, but he should not be tortured,” argued Washington, DC resident Sarah Blitzer. “This isn’t a police state; this isn’t a fascist government that the US has.”

Although Manning has not yet stood trial and been proven guilty, many believe he is already being treated as a convicted criminal.

It’s innocent until proven guilty, so no one should be treated badly while they’re in custody before they’ve been tried,” said Steven Turner, who was visiting Washington, DC from Australia.

Manning continues to be held in solitary confinement as he awaits trial for alleged crimes.

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