By Now There’s Overwhelming Evidence Kiev Sniper Massacre Was a False Flag

But this group of the Maidan “snipers” showed no apparent concern about being in a shooting range of the Hotel Ukraina “snipers” and the Berkut special company. Conversely, the Hotel Ukraina “snipers” did not target these and other armed Maidan shooters.

This group of the Maidan “snipers” was not seen in videos and photos from 9:10am till 10:18am, that is, during the time when most of the 49 protesters were killed. This looks like “dog that did not bark.” At 10:18-10:19am, they were filmed running into the Hotel Ukraina as a part of a larger armed group, which was then shooting from the hotel as protesters were killed from the same hotel, as even the official investigation now concluded.

Such seemingly irrational actions become rational if the Parasiuk special Maidan company “snipers” and the initial Hotel Ukraina “snipers” were from the same side. Many Maidan activists and leaders and journalists near and on the stage saw this group of the Maidan “snipers” walking past them, but none of them reported this.

The YouTube video has received only a few dozen views.

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