Canadian artist creates 3D installations on kitchen table

Sretenka Design Week is offering Muscovites a range of different art installations, among them the work of Kristi Malakoff, a visual artist and Canadian expat. RT sat down with Malakoff to find out what drew her to the Russian capital.

­“Initially I was attracted to Moscow on a personal level,” Malakoff told RT. “I love the people and the city. As an artist, I’m still trying to navigate the art scene here. It’s very different than it is in Canada.”

To have her sophisticated 3D installations done in time for the design week, Malakoff has been working for two months at night. Despite the tight schedule, the artist did not use any special equipment that might have eased her work.

“I do everything myself,” Malakoff said. “I don’t ever have help. I don’t even have a studio. I’ve just made it all on my kitchen table. Once I graduated from art school, I didn’t have access to all the fancy shop equipment, so I started working with paper. It’s exciting.”

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