Carlsberg Plans Brand Revamp To Boost Profits

News ) said Tuesday that it will invest significantly in repositioning its brand as part of efforts to double profits from the Carlsberg brand beer by 2015.
The company said it will modernize the visual identity of its Carlsberg lager, widen its distribution channels and roll out a completely new range of packaging across more than 140 markets to boost sales.
The brewer will also introduce a new slogan, “That calls for a Carlsberg”.
Jrgen Buhl Rasmussen, Carlsberg’s CEO, noted that while Carlsberg’s green logo is known all over the world, its sales did not measure up to its brand recognition.
Rasmussen said, “Although international recognition is good, it is not enough.
We are investing significantly in the Carlsberg brand, widening our distribution channels and making every effort to get …

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