Center Telecom posts FY 2010 net profit of 6.7 billion roubles

Central Russian telecoms provider, Center Telecom, has posted a FY 2010 net profit of 6.7 billion roubles under IFRS.


The net result is up 15% year on year from the FY 2009 net profit of 5.87 billion roubles, with FY 2010 OIBDA rising 1% year on year to 17.04 billion roubles, as FY 2010 revenues rose 8.9% year on year to 40.64 billion roubles.

The company said the figures reflected an 11% year on year increase in local call revenues to 18.8 billion roubles, with internet service revenues soaring 223% year on year to 7.7 billion roubles as interzonal call revenues fell 6.3% to 5.4 billion roubles.

Center Telecom is expected to become merged into Rostelecom in April.

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