Central bank plunges US dollar, euro exchange rate against rouble

MOSCOW, September 1 (Itar-Tass) The Central Bank of Russia on Thursday plunged the euro’s official exchange rate as of Friday, September 2, the External and Public Relations Department of the Central Bank said in its regular report.

The official exchange rate of the euro was plunged by 28.99 kopecks to 41.4732 rubles for one euro, the report said.

The dollar’s official exchange rate was also down against the rouble by 3.67 kopeks and totaled 28.8911 roubles.

Proceeding from the CBR report, the dollar-euro basket, calculated under the official currency exchange rates for Friday, September 2 lowered by 15 kopeks as compared with Thursday, September 1, to reach 34.55 roubles.


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