CEO spent company money to purchase Honorary Citizen Order

Russian investigators from the city of Kurgan filed criminal charges against a executive officer who allegedly used his company’s money to purchase an Honorary Citizen of Russia Order, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office said on Tuesday.

Oleg Timkin, the CEO of Ogonyok, Inc. in Kurgan, has reportedly transferred 147,000 rubles ($5,254) of his company’s money to a “Committee on Rewards and Ranks” in Moscow to be awarded an Honorary Citizen of Russia.

Kurgan’s Prosecutor’s Office carried out an investigation of the company’s activities. As a result, the general director was charged with larceny and abuse of power, which the Russian criminal code stipulates upwards to six years in prison. Timkin was awarded the Honorary Citizen of Russia Order at a special awards ceremony on December 25 last year in Moscow, the Prosecutor General’s Office said.

An Honorary Citizen of Russia order is a public reward in recognition of long and productive service, contributing to the overall strength and prosperity of Russia.

Moscow, May 31 (RIA Novosti) 

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