Chapman’s Belongings on Display in New York Spy Exhibition

The FBI has provided items belonging to Russian spy Anna Chapman for a New York exhibition devoted to secret agents, said on Friday.

A female 007, Chapman was arrested in June 2010 and then sent back home with other Russian agents in exchange for their U.S. ‘counterparts.’

The items on display in Times Square include the handcuffs put on her during the arrest, and her laptop that FBI had surreptitiously seized the day before. The now 30-year-old sex symbol had asked an FBI agent posing as a Russian to fix the laptop and gave it to him herself.

The FBI also holds her famous designer handbag equipped with a special secret communication device that is also expected to become part of the exhibition.

In Russia, the red-haired beauty has been widely involved in charity work and has also set up a business magazine. Chapman has also engaged in modeling and television.

Her British citizenship was withdrawn shortly after the arrest.


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