Cheer up, Captain!

Rich in silver, gold and oil, it seems that Peru’s vibrant and eclectic heritage itself has inspired the 2012 spring-summer collection by the promising Peruvian fashion designer Sitka Semcsh.

­Her designs are as eye-catching as Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake.

Graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Sitka Semcsh has worked alongside such influential artists as the staple of American fashion, Michael Kors.

Upon returning to Peru, Semsch established her own studio to become recognized for her elegance and style. Her fashion house in Peru is among the most successful thanks to her versatile creations that range from cocktail dresses to bridal outfits as well as accessories, including shoes and jewelry.

Her show in Moscow, at the Mercedes Benz Russian Fashion Week, featured an array of flattering designs, with causal easy-to-wear dresses playing the key role.

White or beige, gray or brown – the designer is only using the colors that make you feel comfortable and relaxed, with natural silky fabrics to go along.

The main accessory for next spring, no matter what you wear – an ultra long dress or a pair of laid-back pants – is a cute brown hat that makes you think of… Eliza Doolittle.

“Cheer up, Captain, and buy a flower off a poor girl!”
Sitka Semcsh’s heroine sort of suggests, smiling, in similar fashion.

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­Valeria Paikova, RT

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