CIS interior ministers agree to fight cyber crimes

The Commonwealth of Independent States interior ministers have agreed on a draft strategy for fighting cyber crime, Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev said on Friday.

“These sorts of crimes tend to be international, which is why we should work together to fight them,” Nurgaliyev said after a meeting of the Council of CIS Interior Ministers in Yerevan, Armenia.

The draft was prepared by Belarus and approved by the other council members. It will now be sent for approval to the CIS leaders.

Alexei Moshkov, the head of the special technical project office at the Russian Interior Ministry, said that the main goal was to make this document more practical. “We think it should contain some practical measures for keeping the national information space from being used for destructive political and social means,” Moshkov said.

“This sort of document will help address the problem and bring together all interested parties. The high level at which it is being discussed will provide a strong impetus for the development of a global model for fighting cyber crime”, Moshkov added.

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